Exploring San Diego

Last week my boyfriend arrived from Newcastle, UK after a long 4 months of separation and is staying with me for 3 weeks! This means we get to have fun exploring my town and making up for lost time. Yesterday was a little too gloomy for the beach so we drove down to the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego for some lunch, a walk, and a movie.


We ended up eating at one of our favorite restaurants, The Blind Burro, a Baja-style Mexican restaurant that has delicious drinks and appetizers. My boyfriend LOVES this thing called the queso crisp, which is basically a pizza made on a huge fried tortilla with spicy sauce and seasonings. We got that and split some chips with quacamole and I splurged on a massive glass of red sangria! Next time we’re going to go during happy hour because even just ordering apps and drinks was pretty expensive!




After lunch we went to a small, independent theater called the Landmark Hillcrest and saw the new Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. We both agreed it was better than Life Aquatic, but not as good as Royal Tenebaums. Even so, I still loved it, as I do all Wes Anderson films!



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