OMG shoes..

I love shoes, especially in spring when you can get away with bright neon leather with lots of straps and high or low heel doesn’t seem to matter. However, as a college student about to graduate and enter the real world I have to be realistic… I can’t afford designer shoes. As I browsed longingly through Popsugar’s new list of top designer shoes for Spring 2014, I had the bright idea to comb the internet for affordable alternatives! Here are the beautiful shoes that Popsugar has deemed most obsession worthy from top designer brands like Givenchy, Prada, Tom Ford, and Valentino.


And below is what I found. Similar right? I guess a girl CAN have it all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And for all the lovely people who read this and want inexpensive, cute spring shoes of their own, here are links to all the shoes:

Target Tammy Plank Wedge

Target Vivien Strappy Wedge

Target Sanna Block Heel

Forever 21 Chunky Flatform Sandal

Forever 21 Darling Daisy Crocheted Platform

Lulu’s Orange Red Print Heels

Mod Cloth Cape Hatteras Flats

Mod Cloth Anchors Sashay Wedge


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