Fun Fact Friday

I have to admit that when it comes to makeup and beauty products, I’m pretty much clueless. I breeze through the drugstore straight to the products that I use, that I’ve been using for years, and I never really stop to look at anything else (which is why I have no idea what the heck BB cream is..). The only beauty product type thing that I’ve always collected is nail polish and I now have shelves and boxes full of it!

Giveaway Box

Giveaway Box

When I sat down to sort through my massive collection I realized that I have quite a few overlapping colors: 3 kinds of bright pink, 2 navy blues, 5 reds, etc. When I move to England next month, I won’t be able to bring along this collected that I’ve created , so I’ve been very gradually attempting to sift through and throw out the bad, give away the good, and keep just a small assortment of basic colors to bring with me overseas.

For Keeps

For Keeps

I’m sad to see the majority go, but I think I’ve kept a few good, basic colors to get me through this difficult time!

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Joan Jett at Harrah’s Casino


My best friend Sydney and I have been crazy about 80’s rock icon Joan Jett for about 7 years now since she started playing free shows at the San Diego County Fair every summer. Then, when Kristin Stewart was chosen to play her in the film The Runaways, based on Joan’s first band, our love for her as an artist and as an awesome person only grew stronger. It was with great fortune that we happened upon free tickets to see her at Harrah’s Casino this past weekend so we decided to make a whole day out of it and see what fun was to be had at this casino that seems to be out in the middle of nowhere, but is really only a quick drive east from downtown San Diego.

Our day at the casino started in their Mexican themed cantina bar where I started with a delicious peach margarita and Sydney sipped a similar concoction with blood oranges. Chips and salsa was complimentary and came with a whole selection of yummy salsa options! My only mistake was asking the bar tender to make me something special for my second drink and ending up with a tequila-infused avocado smoothie that was made with an entire avocado! I like avocados, but two sips of that thick, rich drink was more than enough for me!

After hitting up a few other drinking spots and downing a hamburger to stay focused we made our way to the concert “pre-party” where we joined a lot of people our parent’s age dressed in their finest leathers and studs, in true Joan Jett fashion. We tried to sit by the outdoor fire pit until the opening band was over, but alas, even after we waited half an hour outside we still had 45 minutes of Night Rangers to listen to before our girl got on stage. At least it gave us plenty of time to mosey our way up to the front by the stage, where we were able to get so close that Joan Jett actually sweated on us (sorry, I’m not sorry)! She was amazing as always and even though it’s been a while since her hey day she’s still the ultimate badass rocker lady and my personal hero.

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Bart Simpson, Fashion Muse??

“My brain thinks in icons and working with things that universally bring people into it. I’m never going to be inspired by some obscure film, which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy that sort of thing. I just want to share my work with everyone.”


The first time I came across a Jeremy Scott design was when I saw a photo of Cara Delevigne wearing a Bart Simpson sweater crop top with matching mini skirt and thought, “Why does she always look so cool??”  The next time was browsing highlight pictures from Milan Fall Fashion Week and seeing a Moschino model wearing a head-to-toe Spongebob Square Pants ensemble complete with yellow, spotted puffy jacket. My interest in the person behind these outfits was immediately peaked; who was the crazy man dressing models in cartoon characters and calling it fashion?!



I soon realized that cartoon characters are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the outrageous and playful fashion sense of the new man behind Moschino; McDonalds logos, candy wrappers, and nutrition labels are also legitimate sources of inspiration. To hear about the clothing without seeing it sounds like a horrible mess of product placement and cheap attempts to capture “the youth market,” by Jeremy’s designs are somehow elegant, genius, and strangley compelling to people of all ages. I would never have thought that may favorite garment to come out of Milan Fashion Week would be a Fruit Loop cocktail dress, but there you go! Jeremy Scott, you have my attention!

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Guest Blog Post: Sydney Dowson, Disneyland Expert


There are few things I love unconditionally in this world: my family, my friends, my dog, and Disney. So, when Cathleen (my best friend and the lovely owner of this blog) asked me to guest blog for her about Disneyland, she must have known she made the right decision. A little background information on me and Cathleen, we met when we were 12 years old in middle school, and on the outside, we couldn’t be more different. However, luckily we were forced to work on a project together, realized that we were essentially one soul split into two, and the rest has just been part of our incredible best friend-ship for 11 years (wow, I feel old now).



Disney was one of those contributing factors that we bonded over with many late night Disney movie marathons, and biannual Disneyland trips with her parents. And then, we finally turned 16, got our drivers licenses, saved up our first few paychecks from our crappy minimum wage jobs, bought Disneyland annual passes, and spent the rest of our high school career going to Disneyland practically every week thanks to free period and a quick 50 minute drive. Then we had to go away to college in San Francisco (which I call the Disney dark ages) and it was then that I really realized what a huge part of my life Disneyland truly was. Since those dark ages I actually ended up moving to Orange County and now live ten minutes away from the Disneyland Resort and even work at the Downtown Disney District. So, it is with extreme confidence that I say I am pretty much a Disneyland expert, and am therefor am an extremely credible source for you to take this list of Disneyland Dos and Don’ts from!


– Bring snacks to munch on throughout the day waiting in lines. Trust me on that one.

– Bring your own camera. PhotoPass photographers will take pictures with it as well as their own so if something happens you have double copies.

– Take advantage of the Fast Pass system. If you play it right, you’ll be able to get on everything that you really want to.

– Save Fantasyland rides for AFTER the fireworks if you don’t go straight away early in the morning. Most of the little kids are long gone and asleep by then.

– Eat breakfast in the park. There are so many incredible early morning treats you’ll miss if you don’t.

– Take advantage of the transportation on Main Street. I didn’t discover how awesome it really is until not too long ago.


– For the 21+ readers, take advantage of all the bars in Disney California Adventure and in the Disneyland Resort Hotels. You’re day will be much more enjoyable after a Fun Wheel or two.

– Plan your day around the parades, fireworks, and shows. Even if you don’t want to see them, there’s going to be traffic EVERYWHERE.

– Sit in the back row of Big Thunder Mountain and the front of Space Mountain. If you ask POLITELY instead of demand, they’ll move you to the side for three minutes tops and get you in the row you like.

– Go to City Hall and get pins for any occasion.

– Visit the Animation Academy in DCA, there’s so much really cool unique and fun stuff to do in there. Also a good place to take a semi-nap on a hot day.

– Use the single rider line if you don’t mind splitting up with your friends for a minute if the line is too long and/or Fast Passes are gone.

– Take pictures with the characters early in the morning; more of them are out and about then!

– Respect people’s personal bubbles. Being two inches closer isn’t going to change anything.

– DOLE WHIP FLOATS. Enough said. Oh and pickles.

– Go to Toon Town as early as possible. The lines there get really long very quickly and it closes very early as well.


– Go with too big of a group. Eating, rides, staying together, not hating each other is all much more difficult with too many people. Especially if it’s a bunch of girls. Trust me, I know from experience.

– Wear heels. Why would you think that’s a good idea? You don’t look cute, you look ridiculous. Especially pushing around a stroller all day.

– Eat at a table service restaurant if you’re not prepared to tip. Yes, Disneyland is expensive, but there is plenty of really good and yummy quick service restaurants throughout the parks that you can eat at while avoiding having to tip anyone. I could go on about this all day, but I’ll leave it at that.

– Wear anything with spikes or studs, no matter how fashionable they are right now. They won’t let you past security. I know it’s ridiculous, but still.

– Sit in the front Big Thunder Mountain. You can’t see anything and it’s so much slower.

– Sit in the middle row of Tower of Terror. Just no.

– Take flash pictures on dark rides. It’s rude and ruins the ambiance.

– Walk around eating turkey legs. If you must indulge in that (ew), sit down and eat like a civilized person. This is not the Stone Age.

So, hopefully if you make your way to the Happiest Place on Earth anytime soon, you’ll keep these tips in mind. And if you’re a Tumblr user like myself, feel free to follow my blog at where I occasionally reblog some pretty cool Disney stuff and more often post pictures including my own Disneyland adventures!

Sun, Beach & Breakfast

One of the things I will surely miss most when I move to the bitter cold north of England next month is the beautiful California sunshine. I need to take advantage of every sunny day in the next six weeks because I will surely not see it very often in Newcastle. For example this is my weather today:

sun sun sun

sun sun sun

And this is the weather in Newcastle (on a “lovely Spring day,” mind you):

cold cold cold

cold cold cold

I know to much of the United States right now 50 degrees seems relatively good, but I have never lived in any place that drops beneath 60 at the coldest! My whole suitcase is going to be full of jackets.

But in the spirit of celebrating all things warm, I went for a lovely breakfast at Ruby’s Diner on the Oceanside Pier, where the sun beating so hot on our table I couldn’t even order coffee, but had to have a diet Coke with my omelet to cool me down! #sandiegoproblems

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Fun Fact Friday


For two years during college I worked at a fancy greeting card store and ever since then I have been mad about cards! To me, there is no greater feeling in the world than finding a card that equally represents the recipient, your own personality, and your relationship to the recipient. To find a card for a friend’s birthday that secretly reflects an inside joke the two of you share is like finding a piece of gold in a pile of rocks. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a handmade card as much as the next girl, but finding the perfect card in a shop seems even more impressive sometimes..

In college I was getting cards for everyone and for EVERY occasion. The basic birthday, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, then even weird ones like St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. I’ve mellowed out a bit since I no longer get an employee discount on cards, but I still haven’t lost the thrill in a good card search!

Some of the highlights from my old job were the lesbian wedding card (so progressive!), cat wearing a sweater (I LOVE cats), bunny in a leather jacket (and look at the envelope lining!), and the St. Patrick’s Day man butt (because it’s just so random…).

I keep all the cards I get in a special box because I can’t bear to throw them away! Most of the box is filled with pre-made greeting cards, but a lot of it is handmade cards that my creative boyfriend has made me over the years. The first card he ever gave me, however, is the star of the collection with a vintage sewing machine on it that says “You’re sew rad.” It’s clever and funny and perfect because I love to sew!



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Street Style: San Francisco


Danielle S.

Fashion student, spotted in Golden Gate Park.

“I think my style is very influenced by the past. I love period films and books by Jane Austen. I was definitely born in the wrong era. I like my clothes to feel like a costume for whatever character I want to be that day.”

“Fashion is knowing what you want to wear and wearing it. Don’t think about other people.”


Katie S.

Tax consultant, spotted in Berkeley.

“I like to wear casual clothes mostly. Floral skirts and dresses are my usual when I visit warm places like California. Simple with a feminine touch.”

“Fashion is looking good and feeling comfortable.”


Graeme and Daniel R.

Band mates & twin brothers, spotted in the Mission Bart station.

On their personal style:

Graeme “Modern, indie, grunge.”

Daniel “Alternative-hipstery.”

On their definition of fashion:

Graeme “The clothes that I wear are fashion.”