Sun, Beach & Breakfast

One of the things I will surely miss most when I move to the bitter cold north of England next month is the beautiful California sunshine. I need to take advantage of every sunny day in the next six weeks because I will surely not see it very often in Newcastle. For example this is my weather today:

sun sun sun

sun sun sun

And this is the weather in Newcastle (on a “lovely Spring day,” mind you):

cold cold cold

cold cold cold

I know to much of the United States right now 50 degrees seems relatively good, but I have never lived in any place that drops beneath 60 at the coldest! My whole suitcase is going to be full of jackets.

But in the spirit of celebrating all things warm, I went for a lovely breakfast at Ruby’s Diner on the Oceanside Pier, where the sun beating so hot on our table I couldn’t even order coffee, but had to have a diet Coke with my omelet to cool me down! #sandiegoproblems

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.56.36 PM


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