Who doesn’t love a good selfie? I take them of myself when I’m alone or in a group when out with friends, but as much as I love selfies, I have never been one to take a photo of myself when I’m out in public alone (not even on snapchat). Normally I think it’s quite sad to see someone take a singleton selfie in public, but Cara Delevigne is making me think twice. 21 year old British It Girl/coolest model ever is the first to take catwalk selfies and videos of herself on the runway at the Giles Deacon NYFW presentation yesterday, posting a total of 6 selfies videos on her Instagram! Even when not filming, she has her orange-cased iPhone in her hand as she walks the runway, ready for the selfie urge to strike again.

Giles Deacon FW2014

It really shows what a talented model Cara is that she can still have a perfect runway walk while staring into a tiny screen instead of looking at where she’s going! Next time I attempt to selfie while walking I don’t think it will have such successful results. Maybe we should just leave the walking and selfie-taking to the professionals…

 You can watch Cara in all her selfie glory here.